Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blurcore Pornography

There seems to be a category of pornography, growing in popularity, that is nudity-free sexulaized images of teenage girls.

From an online post, The Darkside of Softcore. NSFW.

It's a bit unsettling, but let's be honest, the fashion industry has been straddling these legal and moral lines for ages now.

Saaya Irie is a Japanese actress, model and ‘gravure idol’ known for her bikini-shots and rabid fanbase. Her rapidly growing popularity online amongst adult men in the UK (typical message-board posting “I’ve got to admit - I’d hit it”) is worrying because Saaya’s 12 years old. Younger even than Lolita, of flesh and blood, and far less artfully exploited.

British men seem to have discovered the niches in foreign cultures which allow greater sexualization of children than the UK and are now exploiting them via the internet. Ironically, the aircore material they’re enjoying is too soft to be affected by laws designed to combat child pornography and, as the law should, challenges us to focus on intent over appearance.

The post referenced above via Wired News: These Young Models Might Be Porn.

Aircore Porn" Raises Questions About Age Laws and Intent
Sam Sugar has an interesting post today about whether "aircore" -- sexualizable images of fully clothed models -- needs to be considered for its intent rather than its content when the models are minors.

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