Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Controversial Dolce & Gabbana Ad

Dolce & Gabbana is taking a lot of heat for the ad below.

BBC News: D&G criticised over knife adverts
Fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has been criticised over "irresponsible" adverts which showed some models wielding knives and others with graphic wounds.

Adland Reports:
Dolce & Gabbana has had some theatrical looking ads where men brandish knives banned by the ASA. After receiving 157 complaints, including from groups such as Mothers Against Murder And Aggression (“MAMAA”) and Media March the ASA agreed that the knives were brandished aggressively and the image of a man lying on the ground with a wound to his forehead added to the overall impression of violence and upheld the complaint.

You can see a nice collection of ads from this series, including my favorite (below) by clicking here.

One of the ads from this series was cited in my 3 Part Series on Aesthetics titled "Lifes Sweet Revenge". Worth a read if you haven't seen them.

Lifes' Sweet Revenge. Part 1.

Life's Sweet Revenge. Part 2: Decadence.

Life's Sweet Revenge.
Part 3: Pop Decadence, The Candy Macabre and Bourgeois Estate Sale

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