Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Future (Advertising) Weapons

The agency where I am working is in a tough to get to part of Manhattan. A freind who works there with me, and lives by me, convinced me to do a subway/bus combo-commute. Monday was my second time on a NYC bus. I got on, pulled out my Treo and noticed I had a message on it asking me whether I wanted to accept an incoming media file. Here is the short video that was uploaded to my phone.

Weapons on Vimeo

It turns out to be part of a campaign for the Discovery Channel's show Future Weapons. The guy in the video gives a 6 digit code to enter on the site. I couldn't find the spot on the site to enter it... that's an elaborate and expensive way to jerk viewers/consumers around.

Monday, Adweek ran a piece on this. The campaign uses HD monitors and bluetooth technology at bus shelters around New York.

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