Sunday, January 07, 2007

Logo Design Similarities

There are some logo design similarities that I would like to point out. The first is Washington Mutuals and the Deceptacon logo. Could there be something more sinister happening here?

There is some flying chrome type in the new Domino's pizza TV spots. They're definitely channeling some Transformer yin-yang on that. Does JWT still churn those out?

The second is Best Buy Mobile and Mobil Oil's classic logo. Although the industry and the spelling are different the communicative name and typeface are the same. I can't believe there isn't a trademark violation here. Everytime I see a Best Buy Mobile store and my eye glances at the signage I have a Mobil oil flashback.


Nick Z. said...

Nice catches Sherman.

For more logo fun check out Brand New.

Some of the posts are less than enlightened but it's still worthy of a quick read now and then.

Tom Sherman said...

there is some good stuff there, thanks for the tip

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