Monday, January 29, 2007

Mother Nature... Bloody Bitch

Via National Geographic News.

September 15, 2006—A fresh lamb dinner might sound like a manageable meal for an 18-foot-long (5.5-meter-long) python. But maybe the hungry snake should have waited for the lamb to be born.

Last week firefighters in the Malaysian village of Kampung Jabor were called in to remove the bloated snake (pictured) from a roadway. The reptile had swallowed an entire pregnant sheep and was too full to slither away and digest its supersize meal.

But the stress of being captured likely triggered the python to purge—it eventually regurgitated the dead ewe.

I just did a post on the Python that ate the 11 dogs gaurding the fruit orchared, but after seeing the size of the snake that ate the ewe I'm having trouble buying that story. The expression on the men's faces with the snake says to me "look, here, this is the snake that ate your dogs". I smell a rat, or more precisely, four men with dog breath.

This is actually my second post on Gustave, Burundi's "Man Removal Machine". Weighing in at an awesome one ton (or more) and a shocking 300+ kills under his belt, he's the baddest predator around.

The recently released motion picture Primeval, is based on Gustave.

In this bit of documentary I found on YouTube some French hunters try to capture Gustave by tying a goat in a cage placed at the edge of a river. In the morning the goat is gone and the cage had been dragged into the water.


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