Monday, January 22, 2007

Spade a Spade

Miss Snickerdoodle just showed me this great short on the Kate Spade called "Blonde". No dialog, just a fun little music track. There isn't a direct link, use the scrolling thumbnail navigation on the bottom after clicking

Kate has a adopted the newspaper metaphor for her site design. Just this week I wa taking pictures of the Banana Republic display windows. They're doing their own "Daily Bugle" thing. I'm not sure I get it or what the appeal of using "newspaper" as a reference point in these communications is. When art forms become less socially relevant they become transformed into "crafts". Think super-8 film, movable type presses and lithography. Have we unconsciously accepted the death of the newspaper? Does referencing it now connotate something more earnest and honest as a slice of Americana?

Kate's husband "Jack" was involved in the Mike Mill's film "Paperboys", one of my favorite shorts.

One last point on Branding. Andy Spade, director, founder of men's accessory label "Jack Spade", married to Kate Spade, goes by Andy. It's a bit confusing.

Ralph Lauren's real name is Ralph Lipschitz, but it's better, and less confusing that most don't know it.

Here's a good list of celebrity "real names"

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