Monday, January 29, 2007

Trendspotting: Men in Tights

Via the Calgary Herald: Man in tights could be next fashion victim by Misty Harris

I'm ready to don a kilt, but tights, hmmm I'm not so sure.

Although gridiron glamour is the last thing one thinks about when it comes to the Super Bowl, next Sunday's game will preview one of the most talked about looks in menswear for fall 2007: man tights.

The body-hugging pants worn by football players may be a far cry from their couture counterparts, revealed earlier this month at Milan Fashion Week. But their sleek silhouette nonetheless captures the guiding principal of the catwalk trend, ingeniously labelled "hosiery for homies" by New York journalist Brian Niemietz.

From the angora leggings and fitted stirrup pants worn by male models on Prada's runway to the cashmere jersey tights and microfibre cotton and wool leggings in Marni's menswear collection - not to mention painted-on pants visible at Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli - top designers are hanging their hopes on this superhero staple. Fortunately for them, the male ranks of the international fashion press seem eager to get their Spider-Man on.

Fashion Wire Daily's Godfrey Deeny enthused that male leggings are the season's "must-have" and that "the feminine-in-masculine moment is all the rage." Tim Blanks, commentator and CBC Fashion File alum, waxed poetic about tights' capacity to emphasize men's boxy blazers and jackets. And New York Times reporter Guy Trebay praised men's cashmere leggings, worn with square-cut jackets and coats, as "almost ostentatious in their simplicity."

Getting the average guy to trade Levis for leggings, however, will be no easy task.
"This is one of those things that's nice to think about and fun to laugh at - a little bit like blush and mascara for men - but I just don't see it sticking," says Marian Salzman, executive vice-president of New York advertising agency JWT. "All the sizzle of Paris and Milan isn't going to put a guy in Detroit into leggings unless he's very, very hip and trendy."

You can read the full story on the Calgary Herald site.

Speaking of men in tights, Microsoft had a few of their own prancing up and down the side of a building on Manhattan's West Side today to promote the launch of Windows Vista. This could be just what was needed to nip this tights thing right in the...

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