Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cajun Boy

I had a chance to catch up with my friend Brett yesterday on all the things transpiring in our lives. Brett is a gregarious, hilarious, nefarious and alarmingly amusing motherfucker. I spent some time yesterday catching up on his blog Cajun Boy in the City. He discharges prose like a Bruce Lee 1 inch punch.

I highly recommmend the following posts:
A very happy ending and the much anticipated "if i had to do a guy" list.
Brett Michael, Master Cleanser.

A big shout out to Brett's dear friend and rising star Laura Bell Bundy, she's getting rave reviews for her performance in Legally Blonde. I met her at Corner Bistro last year, she's as personable and delightful as she is beautiful. Congrats girl.

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Brett Michael said...

you are a man of impeccable taste and infinite wisdom sherman. thanks for the recognition and kind words.