Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In one ear...

I haven't been posting as much over the past few weeks, I've been busy on numerous work fronts and have beeen going out and doing junk, in the real world. Including catching some live music.

Made it out to Brooklyn on Saturday to catch the Dirtbombs last 3 numbers. Phenomenal live act, they really know how to rock. I'm gonna get my ass there on time next time they come around. (We were at Sin-E for the Giraffes before headed to Southpaw to see the DBs. Unfortunately, our double hit startegy resulted in us not seeiung much of either. Dope graphics from the Giraffe's site:

Saw Explosion in the Sky last night. Amazing show. Part of the Wordless Music Series. (The kids at Wordless do some really nice silkscreen posters, they need to update the site and get some of them up there.)

Nick Z just tipped me off to this Full Metal mash-up that is apparently the work of Kubrick's daughter.

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