Sunday, March 18, 2007

Abortion e-cards

Exhale, an "after-abortion counseling talkline" offers a variety of e-cards for when you can't find the right words to reach out to someone you care about after their abortion. I'm sure their intentions are noble and that it is an underserved group but I just can't shake the creepy feeling I get when I look at these. I've always been a big fan of sub-contracting, even emotion sub-contracting but this maight be taking it too far. Can you imagine Shoebox doing a post-abortion section?

Copy from the website:

Do you know someone who’s had an abortion?
Are you having trouble knowing what to say?
Do you want to let them know you care?

Send them an e-card.

Remember, each person’s experience with abortion is unique. These e-cards were created to address the range of experiences people can have with abortion. As you consider which e-card to send, think about the person you are sending it to. What do they need to know? What are they feeling? What message will provide the most comfort?


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