Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bum Rush the Charts

From Spin Magazine:

Grassroots bloggers attempt to launch tune to top of charts proving power of new media to RIAA record companies.

Yesterday, bloggers and music fans alike participated in Bum Rush the Charts, a campaign attempting to launch "Mine Again," a tune by industry shunned alternative rockers Black Lab, to the top of the iTunes charts thus proving the non-necessity of conventional music consumption and illustrate the power of podcasting and new media. Today, charts confirm that the initiative didn't reach its goal: "Mine Again" peaked at No. 67 in the U.S. but fared well in the Netherlands and Sweden, hitting the No. 5 and No. 9 spots respectively.

And although the initiative failed to reach its predetermined target, many bloggers deem the Bum Rush the Charts campaign a success for new media and are sounding off on the initiative's affects.


Joseph Jaffe has a grreat interview with one of the Bum Rush organizers, Christopher Penn on Across the Sound, Podcast #73.

Here is the link to Blacklabs website.

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