Friday, March 09, 2007

Subway Hygiene

Clorox is the latest advertiser to do a station domination in New York's Union Square subway station. What is actually surprising is how restrained they were in the branding the materials. Many of the headlines don't reference Clorox or contain the logo. Many of the images are just shots of happy kids. It's kind of interesting how the messaging unfolds as you walk through the station. What they missed was the oppportunity to do a dramatic demo. They could have scruubed, redetailed and repainted a section of the subway so that it was hospital sanitary and sparkling clean. It would have been a huge effort to maintain it over the course of the ad run, but so what.

I just don't get the branding of condoms with the NYC Subway logo. What's the connection? Dirty holes?
They even built a site for this wack idea.

The 23rd Steet partnership branded themselves some fancy trash cans.

A classic spot from Tide.

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