Wednesday, May 23, 2007

in Cola News

Coke: Coke secrets plot woman is jailed

Pepsi: Pepsi fined over condom in bottle

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Control. A film about Ian Curtis the lead singer of Joy Division has gotten rave reviews at Cannes. The film was directed by Anton Corbijn, best known for his work with U2 and Depeche Mode. I've never been a very big fan of his video but I can't wait to see this.

BBC News Story: Critics applaud Joy Division film.

What's a website?

"Web site" baffles Internet terrorism trial judge

VIA REUTERS: A British judge admitted on Wednesday he was struggling to cope with basic terms like "Web site" in the trial of three men accused of inciting terrorism via the Internet.

Judge Peter Openshaw broke into the questioning of a witness about a Web forum used by alleged Islamist radicals.

"The trouble is I don't understand the language. I don't really understand what a Web site is," he told a London court during the trial of three men charged under anti-terrorism laws.

Prosecutor Mark Ellison briefly set aside his questioning to explain the terms "Web site" and "forum." An exchange followed in which the 59-year-old judge acknowledged: "I haven't quite grasped the concepts."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

On Demographics: Boomers Gone Bust

It appears that Americans over 55 are filing for bankrupcy at a faster rate that the general population. I'm no economist but that's probably a bad sign.

There is a great piece in the current issue of the Atlantic Monthly on the future of the US Dollar and it's relationship to China's economy. (You have to pick up the print issue or subscribe online to read it, sorry.)