Monday, October 15, 2007

Bunnies are everywhere

Strangely enough, I began spotting them shortly after the beautiful Tiphaine began calling me "bunny".

Here is a run-down of what went into the making of this spot from the Bravia website.

2.5 tonnes of plasticine on set
40 animators
3 weeks
189 2ft bunnies
150 1ft cubes
10ft x 20ft purple wave
30ft giant rabbit.
6 cameras.
40 animators working through 4 hours generated 4 seconds of footage.
40 animators working on the same scene had never been attempted before.
The 60 second spot will be constructed of approximately 100,000 stills.

My Skitles addiction is a well known public fact:

Product Concept: The Cast 'n Blast

Monster Rabbit Stalks U.K. Village (But No Sign of Wallace or Gromit)

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