Monday, October 22, 2007

On Facebook

I've never really gotten into social networking sites very deeply. I used to joke that the Frienster model was "fuck your friend's friends (because you can't fuck your friends)". I use LinkedIn for professional networking, and I setup a Myspace page to see what is was about but never really got into it. It seemed to skew a bit young for me and I don't troll the singles scene.

I created a Facebook page a few months back and am pretty happy with the space it occupies somewhere between LinkedIn and MySpace. I've also started to explore the many applications that are available for it, very cool.

The group feature also has a lot of potential. I've joined several like the AIGA and MyHome 2.0. I am a charter member of Ad Bloggers.

Would love to hear any perspectives on Facebook and about any applications that people are particulary pleased with.


Ollie said...

Hey Tom, try the Inner Circle app. It basically lets you create extra news pages about selected circles of friends and shows you more stories about them. Very useful for keeping up to date with the people closer to you. I've been using it for about a week and now I'm hooked.

Tom Sherman said...


Thanks for the tip!

Are you on facebook?

Ollie said...

You're welcome!

I am, and just sent you a facebook add :-)