Thursday, October 18, 2007

Slightly Less Special K

From Brand Republic

LONDON - A TV ad for Kellogg's Special K Sustain cereal has been banned by the ASA for misleading viewers into thinking the product contained more protein and fibre than original Special K.

The ad, created by JWT, received three complaints from viewers who challenged the claim that Special K Sustain "contains extra protein and fibre", because the product contained less protein than Special K original, with which they believed it was being compared.

The TV ad featured a woman making a presentation in a meeting room and losing concentration as she imagined that the diagram she was pointing to was a real pie. The woman then imagined that the dots on the dress of a colleague had turned into cakes and a female voiceover said: "If you've only got one thing on your mind before lunch, you should try new Special K Sustain."

And the least special of all Ks, The Reliant k

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