Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

I can't even get into what seems to make sense and what doesn't about this becuase I can't get over the fact that they got so retro with the design it seems to be channeling the Apple 2c.

You can read the Amazon Kindle Roundup on Gizmodo.

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Ollie said...

It reminds me of those white, 1980s Toshiba laptops, with the trackball that clips on the side. I was offered one in the late 90s, when they were totally obsolete (286, lol), and would have loved to have re-fitted it with some more modern hardware. The case is still one of the most beautiful technological objects I've seen.

That charming old thing, and this device, have a look that evokes youthful memories of NASA and all things space-age. That musty creme colour, the pre-Apple white. Ah. I'm tempted to buy one if only to use it as a device for tapping into my childhood optimism.

Here's a link to the nearest thing I could find to that old Toshiba, which is a story in itself...