Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hot Pockets and lackluster participatory media ideas.

I am strangley fascinated by Hot Pockets. It's the kind of thing that would be given away in a lifestime supply type sweepstakes. They occupy a strange (dis)place in the food world. It's fast food, but DIY fast food, not the big brand stuff that is served from drive-thru windows. They aren't as down 'n out as the kind of microwave burrito you would get at a filling station, but it's still a lazy, down 'n dirty, heat 'n eat treat designed for the under-resourced or over-intoxicated.

There is a designer I work with that shares my fascination with Hot Pockets. I think I innocently started yelling out "Hot Pockets!" at work, just to be annoying. Eventually I began calling her, when she ansewered the phone I would say "Hot Pockets!" into the receiver... and then hang up.

Shortly after all this nonsense started I got a text from T saying that she was getting briefed to work on Hot Pockets and that I had cursed her.

Here is a picture of a Hot Pocket I found online. I've never seen a more unappetizing visualization of food-stuff.

I went to the Hot Pockets website the other day and saw this.

Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to do a Got Milk? and Hot Pocket partnership and run a photo contest. Why? Beacuse milk and Hot Pockets go so well together. You can see the dreadful winning entries here: Hot Pockets Got Milk Winners

What might actually be a good idea is starting a gallery site of lackluster participatory media campaigns. A celebration of bad and lame marketing initiatives.

OK. I'm going to leave you witht his funny as f*** video, comedian Jim Gaffigan and his bit on Hot Pockets!

Hey Lisa, "Hot Pockets!!!!"


Nixta said...

As a spoilt foreign toff whose closest encounter with a trailer park was a wrong turn during a school camping trip, I had no idea there was a difference between hot pockets and pop tarts.

I'm informed that there are also these things called Lunchables which are popular with the uncaring mother contingent.

Sounds like a poor man's Cornish Pasty, itself a poor (i.e. working) man's portable leftovers

Tom Sherman said...

You crack me up sir!