Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nothing Compares to U

This video was done by Tor Myhren, the new ECD of Grey New York. I had an opportunity to do some work for him and a friend/former colleague over the weekend. Great guy, I wish him and the close friends I have there luck in transforming one of the largest/oldest agencies in NY into something that catches everyone off gaurd.

This video was done as an internal piece to anounce the move of the creative group to the 2nd floor. (I think I've interpreted the lyrics properly.)

A few side notes.

When I got the call from Grey that they wanted me to come in and do some work with Tor over the weekend I gooogled "Tor Myhren" to see what's what, as I always do. The next thing I always do is check to see if people have purchased the url's for their own names. I am now the proud owner of and

I also own and (President of Strawberry Frog). In fact... Mike, I just renewed your shit.

One last thing.

My favorite line from Tor's video is: “I went to Steve Hardwick and guess what he told me, guess what he told me… he said, girl, you better build a good department and you better make it quick. But, he’s a dick.” A LOT of people say Steve Hardwick (President of Grey NY) is a big asshole but I think he's a great guy, I'm constantly defending him.

-------UPDATE-------- Just got this email frmm Mike Lanzi.

12/06/08 12:32 AM

mike lanzi to me

The last line killed me.
It fuckin' killed me.
I'm on the floor...
...because it fuckin' killed me.
The whole ending..., what with the .com / .net reference... awesome.
Just back from Plano.

mike lanzi


Mike! Love you brother!
When are we getting together... so many changes, so many great things to tell you about.


Anonymous said...


You don't own, or

I'm insulted.

You hurt me right in the feelings.

kobe56 said...

kerryquinn, im sure he owns a lot of shit on you. bee-otch.

Steve said...

very bold. I'll give it 9/10 - he could have gotten the extra point if he'd gone for the tear.

Nice URL pickup. I still own btw. Plus a few others.