Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cajun Boy, Craigslist and a raw portrait of human behavior for the holidays

Craigslist occupies an interesting spot withing the social media world. As a national and relatively uncensored exchange platform it acts as everything from a flea market and job board to a place where people attempt to meet unfulfilled sexual and relationship needs. I spotted a post recently from an x-girlfriend trolling for men at 1:30 AM on a Saturday night. Times are tough for many people in this area of their lives even in a city as filled with people as New York.

It is within the area of sex and relationships that Craigslist's notorious reputation as a somewhat seedy place is born. The open nature of Craigslist also makes it rife with scam and deception. A common reaction of people viewing the "casual encounters" section is a disbelief in the authenticity of the posts.

In a series of brilliant plays my friend Cajun Boy has leveraged the unique aspects of Craigslists to create works of social satire and digital terrorism.

In his latest piece he poses as a Banker whose girlfriend has just left him. With his staggering year-end bonus, loneliness and large penis he turns to Craigslist to seek solace and company through the holidays. The result is a "teasing out" of a very real portrait of human behavior that only Cajun Boy mixed with something as raw as Craigslist could deliver.

His lengthy blogpost is a must read: "fancy being lavished during the holidays?"

Amazing stuff. I love you brother, keep up the good work!


King Friday said...

Stupendous! That is exactly how I met Queen Saturday, but I used "the size of Lady Elaine Fairchild's Nose" to describe my ample royal member.

Kelly said...

I have found myself reading Craig’s list in fascination. The sense of anonymity and ease of use encourages people to boldly lob their desires out into the World Wide Web. It seems illustrate the instantaneous ability to reach a lot of people and the indifference of cyberspace.