Thursday, December 06, 2007

A letter from the editor

I've gotten so many wonderful emails recently from people complimenting me on the work done here at The Sherman Foundation that I thought I should take a moment out and thank everyone that stops or has stopped by. Thank you, I am deeply honored that you would take time from your own busy life and spend it here with me.

This really is a project of passion. Something I do after my day job and the volunteer work I do teaching underprivileged children how to slip past motion detectors and disable infrared sensors. It's ad-free and I have no intention of monetizing it. (I wouldn't make anything)

It's been a crazy year but its finishing on high notes. On a personal and professional level I have some amazing things happening now that I'm not quite prepared to share, but stay tuned. You can look forward to a redesigned and expanded Sherman Foundation in 08.

Yours Sincerly,

Thomas "Always outnumbered never outgunned" Sherman

The Sherman Foundation
"Crossing Lines Since 1968"

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