Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The New Captain America is... Puerto Rican

Marvel Comics unveiled a newly designed Captain America.

However, as some clever bastard has pointed out, the way his costume is designed it looks like the Puerto Rican flag on his chest.

If that isn't funny enough, look at the comments on Fark. Here are some of my favorites:

Puerto Rican Captain America. With a gun.

The important thing is that his ripped ab muscles are well defined in his new suit so that a new generation of children can have access to homoerotica.

I have a Captain America action figure that is older than me. And it has a bulge.

Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: I think the bigger question is "Why is there a star shaped bullseye over his heart?"
Real men show you where to shoot them, if you can live long enough to get the shot off.

Instead of a gun he should be holding an ice pick.

If he were really Puerto Rican then he'd be shown holding a zip-gun


Nixta said...

Instead of a gun he should be holding a nice prick? What?

Anonymous said...


instead of tip-toeing around the important issues you bring to the fore, why don't you just tell us what you really mean?

we're mammals too, for fuck's sake. we can handle it.

trust me.

kristen's popcicle

Tom Sherman said...

does anyone have any idea what Kristen's Popcicle is talking about

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