Monday, December 24, 2007

On Creative, Political and Personal Process: Losing It

I spotted this in a list of Top 10 Viral Videos of 2007. How the hell did I miss this? Wow-wee-wow-wow!!!

I've watched this over and over and really gave some thought to this. I think the first reaction most people have is "oh my god, he totally goes nuts". There is such a stigma to being emotional in out culture, just ask Howard Dean, or view the reactions to the infamous Steve Ballmer video.

Business and Social etiquette encourage us to remain calm and proper. In reality, that isn't always the best strategy. Even Jesus let it loose once on the pharasis in the temple. Sometimes life and creation require a lttle firepower and a force, and it's a good thing.

The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.
-William Blake

On some level fear of acting out has become a means of social control. Anyone who acts in a display of emotion or force is immediately marked as an outcast. When the Enron scandal broke people should have been in the fucking streets throwing fucking rocks and bottles. Not just the hardworking people jacked out of their savings, everyone. The rolling balckouts in California, in my view, were acts of treason. What happened? Everyone rolled over. I have a friend that likes to sat "the only people that roll over are the one's that like to get fucked."

God bless David O. Russell for his passion and fire. Birthing a film through the movie making process isn't easy.

The Sherman Foundation would like to extend it's blessing to you to go out there and lose your shit once in a while. It's ok. It might even be necessary.

Al, take us out, show us how to do it.

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king friday said...

For about a month after "Scent of a Woman" came out, I swear every time the trolley went by the castle its whistle sounded like "who-ah!". I really thought I was cracking.