Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Paranormal Billboard has passerbys hearing voices in their heads

This has got to be the coolest uoutdoor ad concept i've seen in a very long time.

Billboard Whispers into Pedestrians’ Ears for A&E’s ‘Paranormal State’
An ad for A&E ghost-themed series Paranormal State uses technology to transmit an “audio spotlight” from a rooftop speaker in New York’s SoHo directly to the ears of passersby.

Pedestrians on Prince Street might hear a voice asking, directly in their ears, “Who’s there? Who’s there?” a few seconds later, the voice says, “It’s not your imagination,” writes AdAge

The technology, created for museums and libraries and other environments that require quiet, is manufactured by Holosonics, which provides sound in a narrow beam, just like light.


kobe56 said...

very very cool. bad ass. cannes worthy.

Anonymous said...

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