Thursday, January 03, 2008

Words and Crocodiles

I have a crocodile fetish. I also have a beautiful red crocodile belt that Kobe56 refers to as my "man-whore" belt. Wow. Just now, Kathryn texted me: "got a smile, crocodile". (It was in response to the "what's the word, thunderbird" I had sent her earlier.

I have a strange spiritual affinity to crocodiles. In fact the working title of my memoirs is: Tears of a Crocodile Clown.

This is my favorite scene for the movie The Krays.

In other crocodile related news:

Dentists win Lacoste crocodile logo battle


C.C. Chapman said...

Oh great. Now I have an itching to see a picture of your man whore belt. Why do you torment me like this?

king friday said...

I've got a Daniel the Tiger fur coat that the Queen lovingly refers to as my "Whackit Jacket"...

She can't resist.