Sunday, February 24, 2008

Female Archetype: The Iranian Businesswoman

I read a great piece in a newspaper when I was living in London back in 2000. It described the female archetype called "The Iranian Businesswoman". This archetype, the writer explained had nothing to do with being either Iranian or a businesswoman, it had more to do with a certain presence of character, a powerful, sexual femininity and a glamorous style and flair.

It went on to cite a variety of woman that are "Iranian Businesswomen" and named Joan Collins as the quintessential example of this archetype.

The pant suit is a standard look for an "Iranian Businesswomen".

Last week I had a crush on Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times. This week I have a crush on Anousheh Ansari, an ACTUAL Iranian Business woman (and HOT FIRE!).

Anousheh Ansari: A passion for space travel

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