Thursday, February 21, 2008

Loss, Love and Adoration

Author/filmmaker Robbe-Grillet passed away just a few days ago. Just, yesterday I began rereading "Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature" by Richard Rorty and was thinking what a great, under-appreciated thinker he was and that I should take some time to recognize his passing last year.

I have a conflicting love/hate relationship with popular culture. There are aspects of it that I enjoy very much and as one who works in the "media industries" it is very much a part of my life. Even from an intellectual perspective I view pop culture as the larger meta-conversations we are having with ourselves. Even when I don't like its content (what it's about) I try and pay attention to the process, what is says about "where we are" and "who we are" in a larger sense. That said, there are days when all the mindless shit that comes out Hollywood and the celebrity culture PR machine is too much for me and the feeling I'm left with is an exhausting emptiness. It's at those moments that I'm appreciative for the lives of people like Robbe-Grillet, Richard Rorty and Robert Anton Wilson. I would also add to that the incredible gathering of minds that the TED conference does such a great job of bringing together every year. I'm addicted to the TED Talks, I listed to a minimum of one a day. There are several that I've listened to over and over (Lessig, Dennet among them).

French writer Robbe-Grillet dies
February 18, 2008

Required Reading: The Erasers. Required Viewing: Last Year at Marienbad

Richard Rorty, Philosopher, Dies at 75
June 11, 2007

Required Reading: Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature, Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity

Robert Anton Wilson, 74, Who Wrote Mind-Twisting Novels, Dies
January 13, 2007

Required Reading: Prometheus Rising, Cosmic Trigger

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