Monday, February 18, 2008

New Word Order: Passive Obesity, Dialing Operator on the Pink Phone and more

Passive Obesity n. Flabbiness caused by physical inactivity rather than caloric excess. Recent studies blame much of the obesity epidemic on the increasing amount of time people spend seated — at desks, in cars, and on couches. Corpulence, the theory goes, is the fault of modern lifestyles, not individual behavior.

iBricking n. What it's called when Apple's 1.1.1 system up date detects third-party software and disables an iPhone. By rendering the product useless, Apple punishes disloyal customers — and protects itself from the threat that they'll ever be Apple customers again.

Social Advertising n. Involuntary product endorsement on Facebook by users whose online purchases are automatically broadcast to friends. The social networking site created its service, Beacon, as an alternative to mass marketing, but it caused mass revolt by users wary of privacy invasion.

Dialing Operator on the Pink Phone v. Female masterbation

Wired Jargon Watch

No, Pink telephone is not from wired... :)

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