Monday, February 04, 2008

Sense of Smell: Virture (The Perfume)

The latest gimmicky entrant into the fragrance arena claims to bring you closer to God. It's called: Virtue. I hope the sacrereligious ilk that conceived this sensory snake-oil realize that profiting off Yahweh is a "go directly to hell" and they won't be able to spend the $200 they make off this scam there.

Behold, I present unto you the bullshit copy from their site:

When we started Virtue® there was no IBI. We were just two individuals, who had a dream to make a difference in the world we served. How could we make a dream a reality and have it be truly Inspired? Truly in service to our intent to create a fragrance that would serve a Spiritual purpose. To truly serve the Spiritual side of humanity. The key... was the fragrance. And the key to the proper fragrance was Spirit, Itself.

To help with the focus, we drew on the Spiritual roots that we had grown-up with. We turned to the Bible and let Spirit guide us through the process of picking and choosing the right elements to include in the fragrance. This included allowing apparent set backs to be a source of guidance and inspiration.

I tried to develop a custom fragrance/conceptual art piece called: Victory (The smell of napalm in the morning). I guess the custom fragrance developer I contacted thought I was joking. They wouldn't return my emails. Oh well, dare to dream.

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