Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday School at The Sherman Foundation

The militant atheism that I encounter among cosmopolitan liberals make me uncomfortable as intolerance verbalized with disdain and contempt always do. The common, mocking attack is that the religious are foolish because the believe in something, God, simply because they read about it in a book is ironically, philosophically laughable. I know very few people that have reviewed the primary research on evolution and established their beliefs based on that... strident and stupid fools. It takes inner-strength and self-knowledge to ask oneself "why do I belive what I believe?" Most people never think to ask.

People should aspire to be as beautiful as this man.

A sign of truly gifted, creative individuals is a powerful empathy and an ability to entertain multiple points of view without judgement. A sign a truly evolved intellect is a sense of uncertainty, a reservation of a sense that one might not be right.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett presents a fascinating perspective on religious belief structures in the following video.

Need a Sunday afternoon craft idea? Play God at home, assemble a Chickensaurus! Makes me wonder how accurate all those "models" at the natural history museum are.

For those less ambitious maybe you can play God with Photoshop

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kathleen s said...

Why is is that religious conservatives don't believe God is capable of creating science?