Monday, March 31, 2008

Art School at the Sherman Foundation: Defamiliarizing Music and Sound

In high school I used to record the audio from the Transformers cartoon. Most of the dialog is robotic voices but the majority of audio is sound effects, explosions etc. The end result can more accurately described as a sonic landscape with a loose narrative.

In art school I used my 4 track recorder to make a cassette recording of The Smiths first album that played backwards. I would tell people that it was an outsider artist/musician named Pedro Piniata. (There are some beautiful, spooky moments particularly the way Miserable Lie ends (which is really the beginning).

In his diary, Brian Eno talks about creating a 3 minute recording of ambient street noise and listening to it over and over. He goes on to describe the way he began to hear it as if it were a piece of recorded music, with moments of anticipation, expectation, etc.

I just discovered a really amazing piece in this same tradition, Beethoven's 9th Symphony stretched to 24 hours without pitch distortion.
There is a link here to an iTunes radio station that plays the 24 hour piece continually.

It really is an amazing listening experience.

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It was nice Music and Sound Experience!! Thanks for sharing!!