Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Amy Sedaris for Microsoft Office

Amy Sedaris. In the bedroom with the fake limbs.

Bitchin in the kitchen.

And now shilling for Microsoft Office (with bunnies.)
I saw this on Slate Magazine's site yesterday.


Kathleen said...

Hey, it happens to the best of us. I woke up one morning, notified in an email that I had become one with the Borg, overnight. The one company I swore I'd never work for (ok, I swore I wouldn't work for Raytheon, either, and I'm still doing ok with that one).

It's depressing. I need to go drink some scotch now.

Chus said...

More information!: Comedian Amy Sedaris developing TV sitcom

aaswipe said...

yummy little feetntoes...hope there real

Viagra Online said...

This is really interesting seeing this woman posing like that, because she doesn't matter she having that disability, I love what she does.