Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Apple sucks at Sharing

Apple Computer, as a brand, sucks at sharing.

I've been biting my lip about this for a long time. There are the obvious things, like iTunes tracks being playable only on iTunes and iPods, but it goes much deeper than that. It seems to be a genetic part fo the brand DNA. ts amazing that they don't get criticized for this more often considering so much of the current milieu is about sharing and portable content.

As a heavy podcast listener I often want to share with others podcasts that would be interesting to them. There is no share or email function associated with them. Not only that you have to go back the the iTunes store source of the podcast and "ctrl" click the title to copy the iTunes url. Pain in the ass.

Why can't you embed podcasts directly into sites and blog posts? Where is the embeddable Quicktime player?

Podcasts and Podcasting were developing independently of iPods and Apple did a HUGE disservice to the world when it added it as part of iTunes. They should have let someone else develope and become the defacto platform. Someone who understands he sharing part of social media culture.

iPhoto was way ahead of its time, as was the ability to purchase photo albums directly from it. Why didn't they come up with a Flcikr like app?

.Mac accounts have been around for a long time but have floundered, listlessly because as innovative at design as they are they simply don't have the sharing gene.

They're great at selling movies and songs, products produced by the old model of media. They're participation in the new model isn't so hot.

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