Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Beauty and the Beasts

I met a doctor recently that told me that MOST of the really beautiful women he sees have herpes! The explanation was very "freakonomics". Think about it, he said. Exceptionally beautiful women have sex with exceptionally beautiful men. Exceptionally beautiful men have sex with everyone. They end up contracting herpes and passing it on to the beautiful women they sleep with.


Steve said...

I hate to point out the obvious, but most people any doctors meet have some kind of disease, that's why they go to a doctor. Stands to reason that ALL pretty women a doctor meets in an office would have SOMETHING wrong with them.

I think all your survey shows is that most pretty women are also probably getting as much sex as they want, and the chance of getting an STD rises in proportion to sexual encounters. Because if your theory was true, he'd be seeing more beautiful men with herpes than beautiful women.

Thomas Sherman said...

The doctor was making an antectodal, empirical observation about rates of herpes infection. It seems to him that it is exceptionaly high among very attractive women. You'll habe to argue with the doctor about that.

Your point about people visiting doctors offices isn't very robust reasoning. Were talking about a primary care physician and a specific type of infection.

Whether or not his theory on WHY the rate of infection among attractive women is higher is another matter altogether.

Kelly Marie said...

What about all the unattractive women that are willing to go that extra mile? They less likely to get herpies because they can only score less attractive men?

kobeVIPmember said...

i dont know, but kelly looks kinda yummy.

Anonymous said...

Ah, there it is in black and white; "beautiful women have beautiful men, and beautiful men have everybody."

Now, I think I know everything. Thank you for such generous enlightenmen

Steve said...

Maybe it should read "beautiful women have beautiful men, and beautiful men have herpes".