Saturday, April 05, 2008

Charles Manson on Creative Commons

Murderous psycho and wannabe musician Charles Manson has released a record under a Creative Commons license

Manson, ringleader of the "Manson family" cult that killed actress Sharon Tate and committed other ghastly crimes during the late '60s, always fancied himself a musician. His record One Mind -- which was originally released in 2005, according to -- gives everybody a glimpse of his musical artistry (as well as his whack-job theories) -- and the Creative Commons license means you're free to share and remix Manson's mad tracks.
According to a blurb on the website of Manson's label, Family Jams, "One Mind is pure Charlie, no additions, no corrections, no added opinions, filters or editing. This is all new material, the most recent as far as we know, consisting of songs, trance-poetry, conversations, raps, ramblings, musings and more."

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