Friday, April 04, 2008

Dora, Color a Cookie

How many levels is this wrong on???

A cookie, sold in blister-pack toy packaging that you color on and eat??? Talk about creating confounding confusion for children.

If I was stoned, had the munchies and was in the middle of the wilderness in a tent and had nothing else to eat I wouldn't put that f***ing thing in my mouth.


kobe56 said...

too god damn funny, sherman.
you're on hot faya.

Kelly Marie said...

Mmmm, Mom I can taste the zylene.

viagra online said...

hahahaha funny indeed, and wow is that an actual product put on the market??

buy kamagra said...

Well actually this don't deppends of the adds, it's on the parents to watch they're childs education, because what would happend if you, like a parent, don't watch your own children ? if you don't care what's makes you think that someone else will do ?