Monday, April 14, 2008

Jornalism in the Digital Age

The NYTimes has done a great job with the online version of its paper. The multimedia features like this recent one showing exec pay, Executive Pay: The Bottom Line for Those at the Top, are great. Despit this the papers ad revenue contnues to drop: Newspaper Ad Revenue Down 7.9%

The political blog Talking Points Memo won a Polk Award earlier this year, a first for an online blog.

Here is an iTunes podcast link to an interview with TPM founder Joshua Micah Marshall. Are Bloggers Journalists? Great stuff on the hybrid journalism model that he is using.

I love the frank, cut-to-the-point editorial voice on TPM, like this recent comment on Hilary Clinton:
To see Hillary going absolutely over the top to smash Obama for making clearly more humanly sympathetic observations in this vein, is just amazing. Even more so to see her pretending to be a gun-toting non-elite. Give us a break!

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