Saturday, April 26, 2008

Man who receives suicide victims heart takes his own life

What is even weirder is that the donor recipient met and ten married the donors wife.

Via The Daily Mail

The couple met after Mr Graham started writing to her after being told her husband was his heart donor.

Twelve years after the successful transplant operation, Mr Graham shot himself dead, leaving his wife a widow for the second time in strikingly similar circumstances.

Friends said Mrs Graham, a nurse, is stunned by the bizarre turn of events.

Officials in Vidalia, Georgia, said Mr Graham, 69, died after shooting himself in the throat with a shotgun.

Friends of Mr Graham said he had not shown any signs of being depressed.

Apparently there are many documented cases of personality change after receiving an organ transplant.

Another from The Daily Mail:
My personality changed after my kidney transplant - and I started to read Jane Austen and Dostoevsky instead of celebrity trash


kathleen said...

ok, maybe I'm a horrible person, but here are my immediate thoughts after reading this:

1. What's up with the wife? Two husbands driven to suicide?

2. Possibly a true "broken heart"?

3. I wonder if there's any possiblity that organs from a suicide carry some chemical that induces depression/leads to suicide.

Thomas Sherman said...

My first comment was "its gotta be the wife"