Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Playing with Food (Mind Games)

There have been many recent stories in the media about rising food prices:
From The Economist: Cheap No More:
Slate Explainer Poscast: (iTunes Link)Why Are Global Food Prices Soaring?

One of the results is that food packaging/portions are shinking (the prces are staying the same)
General Mills: Smaller Cereal Boxes, Rising Prices
Wall Street worried General Mills's plan to pack its cereals in smaller boxes would annoy customers, but the breakfast crowd apparently hasn't noticed.

It seems that when it comes to food we don't notice a lot of things. Like how much we actually consume.
Science Poscast with the author of: Mindless Eating
An interesting example. People pour more into short wide glasses than tall thin ones. Even a professional bartender will pour 28% more into a tumbler.

The increasing use of corn as a fuel source has resulted in higher prices.
One result of this: tortila riots in Mexico

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