Monday, April 28, 2008

Sherman Foundation Walking Tours

I believe that I could hold a series of completely improvised, walking tours along Madison Avenue that would be spectacular feats of cultural and intellectual mix-masterism.

It might make for a great program online. Get a couple of pseudo-intellectual windbags from a few different backgrounds and see what each can tease out and tie together along the walk.

My 3 part series a year ago last fall was essentially that. A virtual window walk with cultural commentary.

Life's Sweet Revenge. Decadence, Pop-Decadence and the Candy Macabre.
Lifes' Sweet Revenge. Part 1.
Life's Sweet Revenge. Part 2: Decadence.
Life's Sweet Revenge.
Part 3: Pop Decadence, The Candy Macabre and Bourgeois Estate Sale

I really need to do another series like this. Was out over the weekend and took a few shots.

When I first the handbag below and the collection of charms I couldn't quite make out what it was, it was just looked like a gnarled mess of shiny silver, dangling there like a talisman, like some bit of postmodern voodoo, like a nasty hoo-doo chicken foot.

Looking closer at the assembled carms I'm reminded of the Mexican altars that people build in their homes. Those too are odd assemblages. Religious items and pop culture brikabrak are mixed together. Statures of the Virgin Mary, crucifixions and candles as well as a Coca-Cola bottle, pictures torn from magazines might all appear together. These are built as expressions of ones spirituality that link the physical and the spiritual worlds.

What does it say when your dangling altar includes a silver razor blade and a safety pin? (That I'm a coke-head and a cutter? That the blood of Christ comes forth from my nose and forearm?)

I just like this one because the little girl on the right looks like she's picking her ass. (I have a lot to say about the "street huster" poses that Ralph Lauren employs but I will save that for another time.)

My post The Aesthetic Narrative of Ralph Lauren for Women is a must read.

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