Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Teddy Ruxpin. Your Guide to Marital Infidelity

Don't take Teddy's word for it. From NPR News:
Web Site Makes Millions by Connecting Cheaters

Dating website: Ashley Madison. When Monogamy Become Monotany.

The Spitzer scandal, Enron, WorldComm, The Cerdit Crisis... none of this should surprise us. Every day it become more apparent that, as a society, we have no problem with cheating if its self serving and we aren't the patsy.


kathleen said...

My favorite part of the Ashley Madison site is the "As seen on..." line, which says even more about our society. Somehow, it's more credible because someone saw it on TV. And not just any TV, but Ellen, Dr. Phil, Larry King, and FOX "News."

Thomas Sherman said...

yea, the shameless hawking is the most unsettling part of it