Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shermanism: Unmet Needs

There is a phrase I use that has become an running joke amongst my comrades. It usually comes out of my mouth when we enter a bar, "wow, there are a lot of unmet needs in this place".

Sunday is "Unmet Needs Day". For couples, it's date night or quiet time together day. For single guys, Sunday is the painful blur between Saturday night and Monday morning. For single girls it's a painful reminder that you are single.

Sunday is also the day that I receive friend requests from people that I have never met. People siting home alone, trolling to fulfill unmet needs.

As abundant as everything is here in New York it also seems to be overrunning with unmet needs. Look around with this in mind. It explains so much.

Life knows no joke but cruel ones. Have a great day.

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