Monday, April 21, 2008

(Un)Sustainablity 2.0

In recent months issues of sustainability have proven to be larger than oil dependence and climate change (As if that weren't enought). It seems that the adverse effects of those challenges combined with one of our solutions to them, biofuels has pushed the world further into crisis.

I've given a name to the networked-nature of this confluence of crises (demand for resources, economic slowdown and the credit crises, climate change, food shortages, and the adverse impact of biofuels): (Un)Sustainablity 2.0

Didn't you see it coming? The Horror Genre, Health Care Industry and Global Food Riots.

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Your (Un)Sustainablity 2.0 Reading List

Wired News: Food Riots Begin: Will You Go Vegetarian?

The Economist: (December 6 2007)Cheap No More: Rising incomes in Asia and ethanol subsidies in America have put an end to a long era of falling food prices

The Gaurdian: (November 3 2007)Global food crisis looms as climate change and fuel shortages bite. Soaring crop prices and demand for biofuels raise fears of political instability.

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