Friday, May 02, 2008

Booty Dance Videos

One of my goals with The Foundation is to identify points on the cultural grid that don't get noticed or talked about. I also pride myself on my ability to tease out tacit meanings and the mechanics of culture.

Booty dance video are a cultural phenomenon that deserves some analysis but I admit that I am at a loss to reframe these in a way that makes them comprehensible.

These videos are created by teenage girls, often shot in their bedrooms wearing little more than shorts and a tshirt. What makes them a difficult subject to address is the fact that they are extremely sexually suggestive and the girls are often young teens. That said, these video number in the thousands.

The stylistic mannerisms of these dance videos is straight up mammalian display behavior, boogie "presenting".

I understand and why some men might find viewing such video enjoyable. I find the age to oversexuallization ratio uncomfortable.

What I don't understand is why young girls make these? There isn't an immediate payoff like you get when you dressed up, are looking hot, and you go out in public.

I would really be interested in seeing someone interview these girls and ask "why???"

Fashion and Display Behavior

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