Thursday, May 01, 2008

Home Video

I'm not really sure how to process this.
Its quite disturbing.


Kelly Marie said...

I could not even watch that whole clip. I may need you to warn me ahead of time when you post videos of dead babies from now on.

Steve said...

Holy mother of God, I wasn't expecting the whole family to have pictures taken cuddling the dead baby.

Having said that, The Victorian's often had pictures taken of their dead children:

kathleen said...

The most disturbing part, imo, is that they posted it online. wtf? I might do something even more messed up if I ever lose my kid, but the apocalypse will not be broadcast on youtube.

Thomas Sherman said...

It is certainly a difficult piece to watch. Partly because the "art direction" sends so many odd messages .

But to Steve's point about, postmortem photography was quit popular in the Victorian era. Death was often the only time during you life that your picture was taken.

There may be cultural things here that we just don't share.