Monday, May 26, 2008

The Lucifer Principle (A selection from The Sherman Foundation Dangerous Ideas Reading List)

The Lucifer Principle
author: Howard Bloom

Despite current circumstances barring mefron wireless web access I though I might try and post via iPhone. (cut n paste would be very helpful right about now)

Howard bloom's theory in that nature, in its constant evolution of higher forms of order and complexity uses destruction as its primary means. All forms of life destroy and consume other forms of life in order to grow, reproduce and cast off its evolutionary replicants.

Through 400 pages of short essays on history and science he demonstrates the impact that 3 powerful concepts have on individual psychology and human history: 1. The superorganism. 2. Pecking order. 3. Memes (idea)

Everyone throws the concept/word Meme around these days, read this book for a real understanding of what of means. Dawkins "selfish gene" scratches the surface and is woefully incomplete.

I just finished reading this book for the third time. Ot may be the most important thing written in the last 30 years. It elucidates so many aspects of psychology, politics and history in a way that gives true insight into the mechanics of human existence and corrects so many of the distortions and flaws that exist in our shared conceptual frameworks.

Howard, you rock, thank you.

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kobe56, bitch-lips said...

jesus christ, if i can't understand a word you said in your review, i sure as shit won't understand a word of the book. lol.