Saturday, May 17, 2008

Questions vs Answers

Questions rule. Answers are for insecure, over-reaching disabled people.

Questions are really the defining parameters and the smell of sex.

Think about it. Is Jesus coming back or isn't he?

Ever notice how most films (especially comedies) start to suck when they have to resolve plot point (give answers).

Every smart artist, musician and poet dies young and leaves questions on the table.

The stuff that captivates us about our lovers are the things we don't understand, the questions.

The world is filed with retards that vehemently know the answer, just watch Fox News or listen to the hypocrisy of liberal democrats.

I really felt shorted by the final episode of the Sopranos when it aired. We all speculated in such grand, concrete terms how it might end, Tony gets wacked, the Soprano sings... and what Chase delivered was Schrödinger's cat.

For eternity Tony and his family hover in the probabilistic space between life and death. As time passes I like the ending more and more. Seeing Tony riddled with bullet holes or testifying to a grand jury would had satisfied and suck.

Trying to answer unanswerable questions is what what most of our lives revolve around. Does he/she really love me? do I have enough money? Is Jesus coming back? is Darwin right or does the Bible have the answer. People who cling to answers too vehemently suck no matter what side their on. With answers thinking stops, with questions it begins.

There is no note.

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