Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spirits in the Material World

Since childhood I've been fascinated my the idea that there might be ghosts, spirits or demonic forces amongst us. Hell, I'd settle for a UFO sighting. Like Mulder "I want to believe" but my best efforts to conjour up Satan or get an alien craft to land in the backyard have turned up bunk.

There is, however, a sense in which there are disembodied beings amonst us. The arise from the modern worlds use of specialized skills and assembly construction. Take for example a commercial you hear on the radio. The voice belongs to no one. One or more people may have crafted the strategy that another person uses to write the individual ads, a copywriter. The resulting scripts are handed to another human being, voiceover talent, to read. The words you hear are supposed to represent a corporate entityor the owner of a product. By the time you hear the words come over the radio dozens of people may have been in involved in their creation and the ultimate responsibilty and ownership belongs to something and somewhere in between all of them and no one at all.

We are surrounded and live with millions of the ephemeral spooks created unwittingly, sometimes begrudgingly from small bits of energy cast off by the hosts that contribute to their existence.

I am still on vacation, attempting to post via mobile phone from my decident and idle escape, please forgive the typos and keystroke error.

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