Monday, May 26, 2008

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of The Sherman Foundation Blog

2 years ago I spent a strange and lonely Memorial Day weekend hosting a conspiracy theory film festival, all by myself. I believe the lineup included David Ike's "Secrets of the Matrix" a film about the moon landing hoax and many many other strange titles. I always seem to find myslelf in peculiar circumstances this time of year.

Anyway, happy aniversary to the blog, big thanks to the small but lovingly appreciated body of readers. Now, more than ever, our side is winning!


Ollie said...

I hope to continue lovingly appreciating your blog for a long time yet! Thanks for your fantastic writing and insights.

p.s. can I get a Sherman Foundation t-shirt on cafepress some day?

Thomas Sherman said...


you can have absolutely anything you want, just let me know what.

I appreciate the time you take out to read my crap and the comments you leave

king friday said...

Mr. Rogers ran for 31 seasons!!! TSF had better best that. Indubitably!!