Sunday, June 01, 2008

Aural Ecology, Biophany and Anthrophony

An interesting article from wired news that talks about the effacrs of man made noise (Anthrophony) on the natural, wildlife acoustic environments (Biophony).

In a biophony, animals divide up the acoustic spectrum so they don't interfere with one another's voices. He shows me a spectrogram of a wilderness recording, in which all the component noises are mapped according to pitch. It looks like the musical score for an orchestra, with each instrument in its place. No two species are using the same frequency. "That's part of how they coexist so well," Krause says. When they issue mating calls or all-important warning cries, they aren't masked by the noises of other animals.

Fascinating read except for the ending which puts forth the idea that man-made noise emissions are as big a threat to the planet as C02 emissions. All the chicken littles with a global catastrophe agenda need to form a single line and fuck off already. Just kidding.

Via Wired news:
Clive Thompson on How Man-Made Noise May Be Altering Earth's Ecology

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